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decapitate the ones you hate & give them an unfortunate fate
Put them in a place of where the devil only stays
Sinnin & gettin paid. Sinnin & gettin paid
The real are rare & the rest are just really fucking fakes
But that’s yo choice to make
& it’s yo view to see
Surrounded by mediocrity & still seeing beau-ty
Well that’s enough from me.. yeah that’s enough from me
How can I be all alone when they say misery has company?

shit I wrote on my birthday (rare)

this ain’t show n tell, it ain’t nothing special
17 years of life & 0 credentials
No job, no money, & grades that are going to shit
but I’m a keep it real. I know it might be hard to admit

I’ve gon through some shit, but hell who ain’t?
Waka got beef wit Gucci & still go hard in da paint
But it ain’t no thang, nah it ain’t no thang
I wish I had some Cuban Linx & some pure gold fangs

or maybe that new girl I see every morning in the middle of the lobby
She look like a good girl. Bet I could turn her sloppy
Scratching up my back prolly callin a nigga Papi
Might catch the neck then take her cute ass to Facci’s
But then again that’s a prolly…
I’d prolly get played like Tamagachi plus my ass broke how am I gon take her ass to Facci’s?

Fuck it…

Still I ponder while Evan rolls the 4th blunt up
Thinking about a come up or maybe a place to throw the blunt guts
..Mary Jane will never wrong ya
Say goodbye to all ya problems
…..ugh say goodbye to all ya problems……

Another day, another year
From since I appeared
I need to find a way out cuz there ain’t shit to do here
My mind was in the gutta & found its self in the alley
16 years of fucking up, yep.. & add another tali

Shouts out to the hairgod & shouts out lil b
& shouts out to my moms for creating me

16 candles & we only 1 short
Professional improviser so I use a Newport..(beat gos to a holt)
(Lights cig, inhale, exhales)

happy fucking birthday

shit I wrote on my last day of being 16

1 day to go & I couldn’t take 1 mo
2 bitches in the cadi that sit on 44’s
3 packs of rellos & they ain’t cloud 9’s
4 grams for the week just to get me by
5 CDs in the player but Luther’s stuck in the first
6 days of suspension but 2 more to make it worse
7 days of the week 24 hours in a day
8th of the shrooms make the pain go away
9 deadly sins
10 brutal hims
11 freaky hoes hitting me up to get it in
12 would of been a bit of an exaggeration
13 would of too
14 was the age that I started smoking too
15 lighters & they all outta juice
16 bars & I got even more too