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I ain’t shit



…when I’m answering asks.


I love so much & hate even more.
Music is my life & I know everyone says that shit all the fucking time but that’s bullshit.
I ain’t got nothing else but my music and my gold soul.
I’m gonna keep doing dumb shit til I die
And I wanna die it’ll be a glorious day
Whether I end up in heaven hell or purgatory
It was a good run and all that bullshit was worth it
Every second of pain love struggle care etc. Won’t mean shit because I’m gone
I hate to say it but I can’t wait til I’m gone
Maybe I’ll be appreciated or just forgotten
Either way something finally happened to me


Domo Genesis - The Arrival x SS4
Odd Future released two new joints from Domo Genesis today. No word on any project at the moment. Stream & download both below.

last of the rare shit for tonight

Positive thoughts gradually coming into fruition
These niggas got ears, but hardly ever use them to listen… & retain
There’s not 1 day of my lif@e that I don’t feel insane
Pills for pain, weed for stress, but I still maintain
They’ll try to knock you off your pedestal
Or put a red dot on the head of the messenger
Just push through homie because they’ll never be letting up
Giving up.. is no longer an option for me
But it is for all you 2 eyed 5 sense using MCs
6 sensed 3 eyed nigga on ya hard drive
Too live. But I know all this ain’t gon come easy
Hard work, determination, reliving ya dreams in ya imagination
Procrastination is no longer being tolerated
Some make it, the others hate it, while the masses just appreciate it
Dedicated.. to the boom boom bap
Niggas be sweet just like sap
My mouth a lyrical gat
So take cover ya land lover
Toast to the gods & of course go the brothers that paved the way
Fuck what you say about getting paid
if that’s really all you want you shouldn’t be in this game anyway
Leanin back like fade away
King Kong like training day
I’m the shit bitch & that’s just safe to say
Yeah hoe that’s just safe to say
Who are you irrelevant fucks anyway?